Fishes Feed Us: a global art-science project for kids

"Fishes Feed Us" is a global art-science project created and produced by Art & Science Collaborations, an international nonprofit based in New York City. The project's mission is to put a human face on the critical ill health of our planet's oceans -- specifically the consequences of its rapidly diminishing fish supplies. 1 in 5 people globally (approximately one billion) depend on fish as their primary source of protein, and 200 million depend on the sustainability of ocean fisheries for their livelihoods. Children in coastal fishing villages (mostly in developing countries) are already suffering from rampant over-fishing and the destruction of their marine fisheries and ecosystems. This project will provide: a world stage for the words of children directly impacted by this problem via a kids Fishes Blog, website, and performance. It will also empower youth as "ocean stewards" to inform and influence their parents, teachers, and community members to: only eat seafood that's not endangered, participate in ocean policy campaigns by signing petitions, and support the work of ocean conservation NGOs. The Fishes Feed Us performance took place on the United Nations Plaza as part of the United Nations Headquarters' World Environment Day on June 5, 2007 in New York City. Beyond that date, we will promote this project with its online "How To: Project Production Steps" to inspire spin-offs globally, and to provide a model for art-science collaborations on behalf of our oceans

The fish costume/objects used in the performance were hand-painted by Cynthia Pannucci, ASCI's founder/director, with designs based on three of my fish woodcuts: the catfish, sea bass, and anchovies. More info and pictures available here.

Lisa with performersrehearsal photo

rehearsal photorehearsal photo